Magnetic Induction Levitation Via Spinning Magnetic Field

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Interesting way to levitate a magnet on copper

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Step 1: What You Need

1. Copper or aluminum block

2. A tool with high rpms + a way to secure the magnet to it. I used tape but its not optimal.

3. Two small neodymium magnets

- one on the drill and other one on the copper. Magnet on the drill needs to be changing its polarity in respect to the other magnet when its spinning. Disc magnets are convenient because the axle of polarity can be seen from the shape. I used tape to secure the magnet to the drill. This is far from optimal. How ever you secure the magnet on the drill be sure to wear eye-protection. Magnets are brittle and even the high centrifugal forces can brake them. The magnet on the copper is good to be the shape of a cube - when you place the cube magnet on the copper or aluminum block in a way that its axle of polarity is horizontal - the magnetic gear system kicks in - makes it spinning and helps the levitation.

4. Eye-protection is a must!!!



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    2 years ago

    Can someone please suggest a better class than toys for this one?