Magnetic Instructables Patch!


Introduction: Magnetic Instructables Patch!

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Have you ever asked yourself "Hmmmm, where ever will I put my most valuable Instructables Patch?!"

This Instructable is the solution to all of your problems!

You need:

1 official Instructables patch
4 small neodymium magnets
1 old t-shirt or scrap fabric
some Expoxy

Step 1: Get Magnets (if You Don't Have Them Alredy)

I used trebuchet's Idea of getting magnets from those magnetic toys...

Found here

Step 2: Epoxy Time!

Mix your epoxy and place two epoxy dots on either side of the back of the patch. (Take note of the magnets orientations, North and South)

Place the magnets onto the epoxy dots and leave to dry overnight.

Take your scrap fabric or t-shirt and cut a strip of cloth the same length as the patch (doesn't have to be the same height).

Epoxy the magnets onto the cloth strip so that they meet up with the magnets on the patch, and make sure they are oriented so that the strip is attracted to the patch, not repelled!


Wear it!

Put the strip inside your shirt/blouse/jacket/cardboard boba-fett costume, and the patch on the outside!

Now you too can look like the cool guy/girl you are by sporting your single patch on what you wear, everyday!



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    The instructables store is currently set up to help users collect their prizes from instructables contests - we're not taking any regular orders just yet. We will be selling some cool stickers, patches and T-shirts soon, but for now, only blood, sweat, tears and a really awesome instructable will get you the patch.

    D'OH! Sorry for giving out incorrect information =/

    Don't give it another thought T3h_Miffinator - we're happy to have such a knowledgeable user base that knows about all our secrets! That is, if you can call an internet store a "secret".

    Oh, yes, it's one of the best kept secrets since sliced bread! Wait, that's not a secret??? D'OH!

    Nice one, and in between fashion-statements it can live on your fridge!

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    Hey! I didn't think about that! Nice! OH! It could also live on your car, or on your pet's cage!

    Hmm. interesting, Instructables made "(south "slash" north)" into a link.... I'll fix that