Magnetic Motor Instructable Masco G43


Introduction: Magnetic Motor Instructable Masco G43

This is how to build a magnetic motor.

The items you will need to complete this are:

- One D Battery

- A roll of 26 gauge magnet wire

- A pair of scissors

- One small magnet

- Two paper clips

- One or two rubber bands

- A ruler or tape measure

- A piece of sandpaper

Once you have gathered all these supplies you may begin to build your motor.

Step 1: Wrapping the Wire

The first step of creating your motor is wrapping your magnet wire.

For this step you will only need your D battery, your magnet wire, your scissors, and your ruler/tape measure to make measurements.

You want to cut approximately 2 feet of the wire off of your roll.

Once you have done this you want to start to wrap the wire around something circular, the D cell battery works good for this.

You need to make sure you leave a small amount of wire (at least 2-3 inches) on each end of your coil.

It is also a good idea to make your coil very tight in order for the motor to work.

Once you have done these things and fully wrapped it around the battery, you may take off the wire.

Step 2: Sanding the Wire

For this step you will need your already wrapped wire and a piece of sandpaper.

You want to sand down one end of your wrapped wire completely, fully exposing the copper color.

On the other end of the wire you want to sand down only one side of the wire.

Your fully sanded wire should have one side fully showing the copper and the other side should only have the copper half exposed.

Step 3: Bending the Paperclip

For this step you will only need your paperclip.

You will want to bend the inner loop of the paper clip outward.

Once you have done this you want to take the bigger end of the paperclip and bend half of it up.

Do the same to your second paper clip.

Your finished paperclip should look like the completed one above this.

Step 4: Putting on the Elastics and Paperclips

For this step you will need your D battery, your elastics, and your paperclips.

You need to wrap the elastics around the positive and negative ends of the battery.

Once you have done this you need to put your paperclips on both the positive and negative ends of the battery inside the elastics so that they are held in place.

Wrap the elastics around positive and negative ends twice if you need more tension.

Step 5: Assembling Your Motor

For this step you will need your D battery with the paperclips and elastics, your magnet, and your wrapped wire.

Place the magnet on top of the D battery (the side where the paperclips are pointing up).

Then place your wrapped coil on the hooked-shaped paperclips.

When the hooks are facing you, put the coil's fully sanded side on the positive side's paperclip, and the coil's half sanded side on the negative side's paperclip.

Your finished motor should look like the pictures above.

Step 6: Troubleshooting

Here are a few troubleshooting tips if your magnetic motor does not work:

- Try moving your magnet around various spots on the battery if your coil is not spinning.

- If the coil keeps on falling off then try bending the paperclips at more of an angle.

- Make sure the ends of your coil are sanded correctly (one side half sanded, and one side fully sanded).

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