Magnetic Mystery Machine

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A device where objects circle each other and rotate around their own axles - inner ring clockwise and outer ring counter clockwise and vice verse depending in which direction the wooden disc is being turned. Magnets on the mirror have their axle of polarity in a 90-degree angle with respect of the poles of the magnets in the wooden disc below the mirror. The outer ring and inner ring rotate in different direction because the magnets on the mirror contact the surface harder on the side which is closer to the magnet below and that determines the direction of spin.

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Step 1: What You Need / Measurements

1. A wooden disc Ø110 mm x 20 mm

2. Disc magnets Ø8 mm x 2 mm (in drilled holes + there is two Ø10 mm x 3 mm, to each end magnets visible) On the mirror there is 10 pieces of Ø10 mm x 3 mm disc magnets - one for each object.

3. Ø8 mm Threaded rod + nuts

4. Drill for drilling the holes and spinning the wooden disc. There is 12 pieces of Ø8 mm x 2 mm disc magnets in each hole + the added 2 visible magnets - so together five 30mm long magnets in the wooden disc.

5. A mirror or some other flat plane.

6. Interesting looking objects to spin, I bought an old alarm clock which I dissembled for the parts.



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    4 Discussions


    2 years ago

    I guess the question is WHY do they spin and not just slide on the mirror?

    1 reply
    MAGNET TRICKSjtobako

    Reply 2 years ago

    The edge of the ring magnets on the mirror, closest to the magnets below
    that go between the inner and outer circle just contact the surface
    harder than the other side which is why it spins. When the wooden disc is being rotated clockwise the magnets on the outer ring rotate clockwise
    and the magnets on the inner ring rotate counter clockwise. It really isn't the easiest thing to
    grasp nor explain but If you have two magnets you can try it yourself. Hold the other magnet below a horizontal flat plane so that its polarity is in horizontal axis and then place the other magnet on top of the plane so that it's polarity is in vertical axis - when the bottom magnet is being moved in certain direction the top magnet starts spinning.


    2 years ago

    I love the way this looks and moves but I think I need a little more of the step by step to be able to make something similar.

    1 reply
    MAGNET TRICKSmrsmerwin

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you, It's one of those things that look more complicated than it is. The objects can be what ever you can attach to the disc magnets on top of the mirror Too heavy or off balanced objects don't work.