Magnetic Oscillator - Dc Generator

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Dc generator using two coils iron less, a neodymium sphere 19 mm, mini solar panel , Ac - Dc rectifier circuit, voltage variator - mini solar panel, elastic rubber band and a led. A small efficient Dc generator.

Step 1: Materials :

1. coil iron less 1 from a syncronous motor (microwave turntable coil )

2. led

3. neodymium sphere magnet 19 mm diameter

4. coil iron less 2 ( bobbin with thin wire )

5. Ac to dc rectifier - from an old phone charger

6. elastic rubber band

7. wires

8. plastic glue

9. Voltage variator + minisolar panel inside solar flower toy

Step 2: Operations :

1. Remove the minisolar panel - voltage variator circuit inside the solar flower toy

2. Connect the circuit ( refering at minisolar panel - voltage variator ) to the coil ( ex boobin with thin wire ) through wires

3. Remove the Ac - Dc rectifier from the old charger

4. Connect the coil iron - less from the syncronous motor to the Ac - Dc rectifier then to the led ( polarity + and - matters Dc voltage ) using wires

5. glue the coils with attention ( " hole to hole " )

6. use the elastic rubber band and catch the coils

7. insert the neodymium sphere magnet inside the coils

8. lean the coils untill you have the longest "stroke " of the neo sphere



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