Magnetic Phone Camera Base

I have always had problems taking photos and videos of my work for a post. Mainly because I work by myself and its inconvenient to have some one snap a few process shots. So I thought I would make something for this problem. I looked around my shop for materials and I found it on my metal lathe, a magnetic dial indicator base. I took it and a 50 cent plastic clamp and drilled a hole in the clamp to attach the dial indicator hardware and it only took 5 minutes. Its fully adjustable and attaches to metal or can be free standing. For a more secure free standing  base , place  the magnet base on a .500 - 4x4" piece of plate steel.
I placed it on my tractor and made a recording. Hope it makes posting your work easier .
I used a Harbor Freight Magnetic Base (mod. 5645) that only cost $18.00, and then just a plastic clamp
Hope this is something will make your photo work easier .
For more info on this an other project go to

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