Magnetic Pocket Knife

Introduction: Magnetic Pocket Knife

About: I am currently a Junior in high school involved in theater and I am constantly playing with my arduino and love to mod things around the house

Time and again I see people do awesome things with knives ,making ,throwing, them and adding keys to them, but I have never seen someone put a magnet in a Swiss army knife. hope you like it and I thank you for any comments you make.

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Step 1: Bill of Materials

First off gather your tools and materials the list isn't too long

-Swiss Army Pocket Knife(a knife like the one in the picture will do)

-Magnets(Neodymium is best I got mine out of a hard drive)

-Hot glue gun(self explanatory)

-Dremel(any carving tool will do but a Dremel works faster)

-screw driver or butter knife(something to pry with)

Step 2: Break the Knife

The first step towards making you knife stick to a refrigerator is to remove the front or back of the knife. to do this take a flat blade screwdriver or butter knife, slide it under the cover and twist. The cover should come off easily enough.

Step 3: Mark the Cover

I noticed when I was uploading the image that the marks I made weren't very noticeable so i used pixlr to make it clearer.

this step is pretty self explanitory mark where the magnets are going and get ready to carve it out

Step 4: Carve It Out

for this I used my Dremel. I first used a carving bit but later decided to use a sanding bit this step does take a little trial and error. all you have to do is carve down a little than check if the magnets are flush with the base

Step 5: Time to Glue

I personally like to use hot glue but some may decide to use liquid nails or gorilla glue, first i tried to put hot glue on the cover than put the cover on the knife but i got screwed up and i had to remove a lot of hot glue. in the end i placed the magnets on the knife first than the cover to check that the two were flush,after that i placed glue in between and squished them together till the glue cooled

Step 6: All Done!!

at this point i went to the refrigerator and stuck my freshly modded Pocket knife to the always if you have any questions, remarks, or criticisms please comment or PM me.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Good idea. It is nice to have these close by and since you always need one, this will keep it accessable at all time. Nicely done.