Magnetic Powered Battery Motor Masco G42

Introduction: Magnetic Powered Battery Motor Masco G42

This Instructable will help you to create a basic battery powered motor using a magnet.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need the following:

1 D battery

2 feet of 26 gauge magnet wire

2 large paper clips

1 rubber band

1 small magnet

A bit of sandpaper any grade works

Step 2: Creating the Coil

Take magnet wire and wrap around the circular part of battery until it is fully wrapped.

Step 3: Remove the Coil

Take magnet wire off of battery leaving it in the circular shape it held around the battery

Step 4: Finishing the Coil

Take 1 end of the magnet wire and loop it back through the battery with about and inch and a half sticking out from the side.

Continueto loop the magnet wire end back through the hole until you have an inch left.

Step 5: Sanding the Coil

Sand the inch of wire sticking out completely on half of the side. So one side should be a copper material and the other side when flipped 180 degrees will be the same red color of the rest of the wire. Do this for the other side of the wire making sure that the shaved sides are both facing down at the same time. One can't be facing up while the other is facing down.

Step 6: Paper Clip Formation

Take a paper clip and fold the smaller inside half out so that it creates as straight a line as you can make it.

Step 7: Continue Shaping Paper Clip

fold the larger hook in the paper clip out so it creates a 90 degree angle but leaving the other smaller hook the way it is.

Step 8: Continue the Continuation of Shaping the Paper Clip

Then at about halfway out the straight end you just created bend it in half and push it down so it creates a valley in the paper clip.

Step 9: Piecing It All Together

Take The elastic you got and wrap it around the battery so it goes on the plus and minus side of the battery. Then wrap it around again so it is double wrapped around the battery.

Step 10: Adding Paper Clips

Take the paper clip and stick the small hook end into the paper clip so that it goes right over the plus/ minus side of the battery. repeat this step for the other paper clip just on the opposite side making sure the valleys you made are both pointing out.

Step 11: Magnet Time

Take the magnet and stick it under the double wrapped elastic so that it is halfway in between the two paper clip.

Step 12: Finishing Touchs

Take the magnet wire you created and place the two ends you shaved onto the paper clips then give it a little flick and it should start spinning

Step 13: Troubleshooting

Adjust the magnet and paperclips

The first thing to do if your wire doesn't begin to spin is try lowering the paper clips so it is closer to the magnet and also try adjusting the magnet so that it is directly below the wire.

Check shaving

If that doesn't work check and see if you shaved all of the red enamel off on the side you shaved.

straighten the wire

make sure both ends of the wire are as straight as possible so that the wire isn't at and angle. This shouldn't stop it from fully spinning but it will definitely help.


Make sure the paper clips are at the same height and angle


Make sure the paper clips are touching the plus and minus side of the battery if they aren't no current will be conducted and your build will do nothing but look cool. Also make sure your battery isn't dead its unlikely but if you are making this with a dead battery you will be trying to figure out whats wrong for hours. Either put it in a battery tester or just plug it into something that takes that size of battery to see if its charged.

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