Magnetic Runny Silly Putty (the REAL Stuff)





Introduction: Magnetic Runny Silly Putty (the REAL Stuff)

I made it!

This is a re-boot of how to make magnetic silly putty, with some interesting changes!

This is a simple way to change the viscosity of store bought Silly Putty and add magnetic properties. Using scrap iron filings Silly Putty and a cheap source of Dimethecone.

Step 1: Three Simple Ingredients

1- Silly Putty

2- Dimethecone; easily sourced from RC hobby stores as "Shock Oil"

3- Collect/Make iron powder

The iron I got from my metal lathe. When you machine cast iron, it makes small chips.

Step 2: Grind and Mix

Use a pestle and mortar to grind the iron filings into fine powder.

Mix the Silly Putty with the Shock Oil and Iron Powder.

Add small amounts of shock oil to the silly putty, until you get the consistency you want.

Step 3: Play!

The silly putty will slowly creep toward any strong magnet, even straight up in the air! You can get the silly putty to dance by moving the magnet around.

I used glow in the dark silly putty, so here I'm blasting it with a UV laser to get a cool glow.

Silly Putty and Dimethecone is considered safe and inert. If you've ever eaten anything fried at a fast food restaurant, you've eaten it! It is used as an anti-foaming agent for the fryers.



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    Thus Gandalf's hat was born in the depths of AvE's Dungeon/Workshop.

    If you are really cheap

    Mix it with magnetic paint

    Thanks for sharing this ible with us. I must add, if you can't make your own metal shavings/dust or if you are just plain lazy and don't want to waste time making your own, you could go to a dollar store and buy that draw a mustache/beard game. It comes with a magnetic stick and you could use the dust inside of it to mix with the putty.


    2 years ago

    omg... the look of it reaching out is the blend of terminator and alien... great for short film SFX i suppose!

    It should be noted that iron fillings do need to be handled with care, especially where children are involved. That being said, I loved playing with iron filings and magnets when I was a kid. I also loved playing with silly putty. If only I had known I could combine the two...

    I think I might just have to make some of this. Because, you know, I don't have enough random amusements to waste my time with already. ;-)

    Very very cool.

    How do you go about cleaning the magnet when you're done playing with the improved silly putty?

    3 replies

    what if you coat the magnet in a hydrophobic material... like never wet..or enamel?