Magnetic Tractor Beam




Difficulty of realization 5/10

Step 1: How It Work

Are you ready to build a magnetic tractor beam? It is not just the tractor beam that can be seen in science fiction movies but the effect and still interesting. It is a balance of magnetic forces only possible in the presence of aluminum rod that passes through the central magnets.

In the base, the magnets placed around the rod, attract magnets that are free to slide on the rod, but when they get too comes in the repulsive force of the magnet at the center of the base. There is only one point in which the system is in balance, if you try to move the magnet free this returns to the equilibrium position.

Step 2: How It Made

The materials that I used for this experiment are these

1) a wooden base on which I made a hole of 5mm
2) an iron lid on which to attack the magnets of the base where I made a hole of 5mm
3) a rod of aluminum of 5mm diameter
4) 12 magnets disk 20x3mm
5) 1 magnet disk 30x3mm with 5mm hole
6) 3 magnets disk 20x3mm with 5mm hole

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    3 years ago

    They used to say the world would be saved by the pusher robot, I always thought it would be the shover robot. But now we clearly see where all wrong.


    3 years ago

    Very cool!


    Reply 3 years ago

    conversation starter, coffee table interaction, desk thing to play with when you're bored, mathe some real project application. who knows? who cares? it inspired creativity.