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Introduction: Magnetic Ceiling Decorating System

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Are you Mad about decorating? With a clip and a click, this ible is sure to stick you in the decorating mood.

I love parties and love decorating for them. It can be very labor intensive, not to mention stressful, and it's sup-post to be a party.

I met a young lady in 2003 who loved to decorate for her kids, but she was confined to a wheelchair, she wasn't complaining, just letting me know, some of her challenges, that is what led me down a path to creating a system for hanging party decorations from the ceiling with out having to get the ladder out every time.

In a commercial environment there is an abundance of metal, very easy to hang decorations with magnets and there are products for that readily available,but wood and plaster construction posed a different problem. Well needless to say I invented Mad-Mags and won a bronze medal in 2005, for a residential decorating system, but never finished marketing it. At request I started making a cheaper version, this is what I would like to share with you, my new friends, so come on, lets get mad about decorating.

The System: Metal design plates are mounted to your ceiling; these plates are to remain there for as long as you want to use the system.Metal plates are what give you the ability to hang items just like the party planners do commercially . We have special magnets; I call them mad-mags, make as many as you want. I like to make a few to have on hand. Then an applicator tool for hanging and removing your mad-mag with decorations when ever you want, while you are safely on your floor.

You will know how many plates and magnets you will need after you have decided were you will want to hang decorations from now, and in the future. Staying away from lights and ceiling fans. We install plates in the corners of the room,ends of the bar,were the Christmas tree goes( Angel floating above tree is beautiful),in front of windows you get the picture. A single plate can handle 4 mad-mags but remember watch the weight, my anchors hold 50 pounds, and each magnet between 2 and 15 pounds. Yes I do have some that hold quite a bit of weight and I use those to hold hat collections,plush toy strands ,fabric swags,lights,garland, fabric room dividers, and back drops .

Please be patient with me this is my first Instructable,don't want to over do it.

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Step 1: Step 1: Materials and Tools

Here's a list of materials and tools needed to complete this project:

Note: When using magnets keep away from children and electronic type devices, just be safe read directions on all materials and tools. I am not responsible for you or your project.

1. Metal blank wall plate cover (Design Plate)(you will need however many you want to install on your ceiling)

2. Screws or Anchors for drywall (I use Walldogs they are a screw and an anchor and hold various weights. 2 per plate)

3. Spray paint or Plasti Dip spray paint (white blends in better and PD gives a little more grip)

4. Screw caps (Optional)

5. Extension paint pole (Pole that lets you reach your ceiling, where you have installed the design plate, adjustable is best)

6. Small paint roller (if it isn't designed to go on a threaded paint pole you can put a screw threw side into the pole)

7. Double stick tape

8. Duck Tape (what ever color you like, remember plain color will not interfere with whatever you are hanging)

9. Super strength magnets (1 magnet per loop, they will hold various weights, don’t hang things to heavy you would then need to secure design plate into ceiling joists. I use Neodymium magnets mine hold around 5 pounds.)

10. Grommets (These are small fit 3/16-inch hole. I use Crop-A-Diles for punching hole and for putting in grommet)

11. Wax paper (my photo shows freezer wrap grabbed wrong box sorry) Tape will still stick don't press hard. You can use cutting mat .

Step 2: Step 2 : Paint Design Plate and Screw Heads

Take the plate or plates and screws( just the head of screw), paint them and let dry. Like I noted before I use the Plasti Dip paint as it will give grip. I can also peel that paint off if I want.

Some screws come white so no need to paint.

You will have looked around your house and will have decided how many plates to install, like 2 if you are wanting to hang banners and balloons. The plates would be spaced apart to handle this. If you only install 1 plate you can attach the banner to a rod or pvc pipe then tie fishing line to each end with a ring in the middle,the line then gets hung with the ring and mad-mag.( Looks like a close hanger).

Step 3: Step 3: Making the Magnet Hangers

First decide what you will be hanging, let’s say you will install one plate.

· Optional: Take your wax paper and pull out sheet, wide enough for the Duck tape to lay on. Each tape section is 6 inches long, lay it out with a ruler so you can see how much you have pulled. After you cut the tape piece loose, press it lightly on to wax paper. Tape will stick don't press too hard; this just helps if you are cutting multiple strips.

Take one-piece peel it of wax paper, with tape facing upward place magnet in the center of tape. The strip is 2 inches x 6 inches take one long side and fold over to center ,pull it up to edge of magnet.

Starting from the magnet press the tape down all the way to the end. Now do the remaining side the same. This locks the magnet in the middle and makes a strong band.

· On the inside of strip at each end apply a little piece of double stick tape. Fold the end inward a 1/2 inch, your strip should now be 5 inches.

· Fold those ends together, punch grommet whole (be careful stay centered, this will be were your string or rings will be attached for holding decorations) put in the grommet and secure it.

· Mad-mag complete: Repeat this step for as many as you want to make.

Step 4: Step 4: Applicator Tool

Get your small paint roller, and slide off the roller part, these are made of foam or flocked with fiber; you will be removing this material from the plastic sleeve. We need the sleeve to go back on the metal rod that is attached to handle. This plastic sleeve is what keeps the magnet from sticking to the rod when clicking the mad-mag into place, it also helps keep the mad-mag in-place when retrieving your decoration and applying.

After removing the material, attach the roller to the pole (screw it on or put a screw in the side to lock onto pole) the pole is now ready for when you get mad about decorating.

Step 5: Step 5: Installing Design Plate

Now that plate or plates are dry ,it is time to install. This requires the use of a ladder,after installed they will be there for you to use whenever, and you wont need a ladder.

Take the plate, your Walldog screws/anchors and your power screw driver,mount them to the ceiling.

If your not sure about this there is lots of help on line, and you can ask me as well. Your success is my success.

Remember make sure you install in a safe place. Installation completed,time to decorate.

Step 6: Final Notes

In the intro picture you will notice I hung a mirror ball, a modified wind-up mobile was used and then the ball hooked to it and then to the design plate. The picture above shows the applicator tool in action and a picture of extra items to help hang various things.

I want to take this time and just say thank you!

Please let me know your thoughts .

Mad-mags can be used for so many things,if your careful. I had a lady ask me if I would hang candles for her at a wedding ,I said flame-less plastic candles, in plastic containers no problem. Hanging a fire starter and a breakable isn't smart.

Thank you! Julia

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    The Juliart
    The Juliart

    5 years ago on Step 1

    The list for tools got left out sorry. Ruler, scissors,utility blade,grommet tool,power screw driver.

    Thank you! Julia