Magnetic Duct Tape Wallet DIFFERENT!


Introduction: Magnetic Duct Tape Wallet DIFFERENT!

I made in about 30 min, a duct tape wallet that is thin, and has a hefty credit card pocket and ample room for money. Did i mention it is magnetically closed?
I will post an instructable on how to do this depending on the response i get



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    depends on the magnets, but thanks for reminding me, i actually used a washer and just two tiny very strong magnets to close it instead of 3.

    In the case of magnets size isn't everything. A small magnet exerting more force than a larger magnet would have a greater effect in deactivating your card.

    great idea.. magnets can de-activate credit cards tho so maybe a re-sketch of the idea will boost fresh interest!

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    Perhaps it is an attempt to use credit cards less... for the financially conscious DIYer

    Hey would u mind adding the instructable for the wallet please. cause i wana try and make it so if u could i would be very apriciative.

    hey, most credit cards actually aren't deactivated by magnets so its okay that they are there.