Magnetic Game Board

Introduction: Magnetic Game Board

What do you need ?

- A steel sheet (320 x 320)

- 5mm mdf plate

- 2mm mdf plate

- Magnetic sheets (2mm – A4)

- Little magnets and a small ball

- Materials : Wood glue, nails, hammer, saw, drilling machine, superglue, cutter knife

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Step 1: The Frame

Mark the dimensions from the picture to the wood. Do this 4 times.

When you've marked the dimensions you can use a saw to saw wood. Now you have 4 wooden laths.

Use wood glue to glue them together. You need to glue them at the angles.

Step 2: Make the Compartment for the Board Games

We’ll saw 3 different mdf laths (5mm) and one bigger piece to cover the compartment

- 15 x 310 x 5 mm (Needs to be thick enough for the screws)

- 10 x 320 x 5 mm

- 5 x 310 x 5 mm (Is smaller, so the board games still fit in the compartment)

- 280 x 320 x 2 mm (to cover the compartment)

After sawing, you can glue them together like you see on the drawing

Step 3: Complete the Magnetic Board

Now we’ll need some nails and the hammer.

Lay your compartment on you working platform with the opening above, lay your steel sheet above and then the frame.

Put a nail in every corner of the frame. Do you think it’s not stuck enough, put some more nails in the corner.

To connect the magnetic board to the container, we’ll need to make 2 bigger holes with the drilling machine. Make 2 holes from 9 mm. You can find the dimensions on the drawing

Step 4: Make the Compartment for the Magnetic Pieces

We’ll need to saw mdf wood again:

- 100 x 320 x 2 (x2)

- 320 x 92 x 100 x 5 (x5)

- 147 x 320 x 2

Glue the pieces together like on the drawing. While it’s drying you can make the frame for the cover of the box

For the frame we’ll need mdf again. This is some precision work because we need some thin laths.

Top frame

- 320 x 4 x 5 (2x)

- 100 x 4 x 5

Glue this laths together like on the drawing. Make an U-form

Bottom frame

- 318 x 2 x 2 (2x)

- 90 x 2 x 2

Glue them in the U-form.

Then glue the 2 frames together, the largest one above.

Glue the frame you’ve just made to the box you’ve made earlier

Step 5: Make the Cover

Take the 2mm mdf and mark the dimensions from the drawing.

Then you can saw it. The last thing you need to do is drill the hole. You need this hole to open and close the box

Step 6: Print the Game Boards

Print the game board, an glue them to the magnetic sheets.

Use a cutter knife to cut out the balls, domino stones and body parts.

The body parts

You can use the cards to make it easier to complete the body. This makes it a bit easier for kids.


For little kids you could work with color dots, to make domino a bit easier. You can mark your own dots at the stones.

Game with the ball

Saw some pieces of the mdf.

Use glue to connect them with the little magnets.

To make it more fun you can paint the stones.

Let your kids make the most awesome parkour.

Math tables

This is for kids to practice their math tables

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This looks fun!

    Have you made a physical version of this, or is it more of a concept in progress?