Magnetic Hook With SUGRU

Introduction: Magnetic Hook With SUGRU

This instructable will demonstrate how to make a handy hook that uses a magnet to attach to steel things like refrigerators, desks and computer cases. Use it to keep track of small hand tools or headphones.

For this project, you will need: one package of SUGRU, paperclip or other strong bendable metal wire, and a small permanent magnet.

Step 1: The Tube

Start by rolling the SUGRU out into a cylinder about the same length as your metal wire. We used a resistor because that's what we had on hand. Then press your wire into the SUGRU and roll some more. We used the cardboard from the SUGRU packaging to roll the SUGRU and metal tube into a nice smooth cylinder and then we clipped off ends that didn't have metal reinforcement.

Step 2: The Hook

Bend your reinforced SUGRU tube into a hook shape. This should look sort of like a 'U'. We bent the tube on either side of the resistor and it seems to be the right shape. Next, we're going to press the magnet into one arm of the hook. Start by pressing the magnet into the SUGRU so that the magnet is about half-way between the corner of the hook and the end. Then press the SUGRU around the magnet. We used the table to make one flat side of this arm flat.

Step 3: Use It

Wait for the SUGRU to cure and then use your hook to hang things like scissors. We cheated a bit with this picture because it shows an older version of the hook that doesn't have a magnet. We also didn't wait for the SUGRU to fully cure so it was actually still malleable.

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