Magnetic IPhone Holder




I've old iphone 2G that i wanted use into my kitchen, to use as timer, look recipices, listen some music when i was cooking.

I decide to make a magnetic holder for my old iphone.

I used :
- double strong adhesive tape or glue
- some magnetic card
- some tissue
- 2 velcro bands
- a sewing machine

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Step 1: Assemble Tissues

With a piece of tissue, encompassed the magnetic card and sew on all side to lock it.

With a second piece, make a band, a little more higher than the iphone. Sew the velcro hook portions on it. And sew the band with on the magnetic card holder piece.

Step 2: Velcro on Iphone Back

Stick the 2 velcro loop portions on the iphone back. For this, use some double adhesive tape.

Step 3: Et Voila

Put the iphone over the velcro bands. Put the all on your fridge.

Now, let's play !

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    i did it with my iphone and it autually looks good when i put it on my fridge
    (WISTOF) FTW!!! (:

    I would need to concur, as a magnet (in theory) would completely mess with the memory storage, to the point where it would wipe the iPhone clean

    This is true with magnetic data storage, or equiptment with metal moving parts, but the iPod uses neither off these. Data is stored as electrical 1's and 0's, instead of magnetic +'s and -'s, so a magnet has no effect. Because of this solid state storage, there is no disk that needs spinning, so there is nothing for a magnet to interfere with. With a strong enough magnet, you could probably mess with the electronics, but only if it is very powerful, and moves at high speeds next to the electronics. Storing it on a magnet is likely to cause no harm.

    Magnets used to have a large effect CERT screens, which were used as
    TV's and computer monitors. These are too bulky to even think about putting it in a pocket. Almost all electronics now have LCD screens, which are not affected by magnets.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Another thing to mention on top of the info Musicman41 gave would be that the iPhone is held on by Velcro on a non magnetic bottom flap, the top is probably a weaker magnet, and the iPhone never meets magnet.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    The iPhone uses flash memory which is not affected by magnets. Just don't use your iPod Classic near magnets though it had a hard drive which can be erased or destroyed by magnets.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice! I think my old iPod touch will end up like this soon since the headphone jack is going. :)