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Introduction: Magnetic Kitchen Towel Hanger

About: Native German living in Sweden

Where do you put your kitchen towels?

Since I redecorated my kitchen and bought a new refrigerator I had lost the space where I used to hang my towels. Instead there now was the magnetic side wall of my fridge...


  1. neodymium magnet 16mm diameter with screw hole (in Sweden e.g. from ClasOhlson)
  2. stainless steel hanger 16mm diameter, GRUNDTAL from IKEA
  3. M3 screw, 12mm long with countersunk head and nut

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Step 1: Most Simple Construction Ever

The hanger GRUNDTAL from IKEA consists of three parts: a hollow stainless steel tube, a plastic inset with a thread for the stainless steel top part. Normally this hanger is attached to a wall with a screw through a hole in the bottom of the plastic inset, then the stainless tube is put over the plastic part and finally the top is screwed on - keeping the whole construction together.

In order to make a magnetic hanger which you can attach to the wall of your fridge or any other magnetic surface you just have to screw the plastic part of the hanger onto a neodymium magnet with appropriate diameter. Here in Sweden the store ClasOhlson sells a round neodymium magnet with exactly the right dimensions.

There are only three things to do now:

  1. mount the magnet to the bottom of the plastic inset
  2. slide the stainless steel tube over the plastic part
  3. screw on the stainless top part

Step 2: Use It!

Now you can use it on any magnetic surface, like the door or sides of your fridge among all the other fridge magnets and postcards.

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    6 years ago

    Found a US supplier for the magnets - they were marked as working with #6/32 machine screws. They didn't sit flat. Tried some metric #4 screws, and this worked just fine.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Do you want to share your US supplier here?


    Reply 6 years ago


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I often use the 1/2 inch magnets around the house. I've used them on dog doors to help keep flaps closed on windy days, just using gorilla glue to hold them in place. Need more strength? Add another magnet on top of first magnet. I've also used them to hold curtains tight to walls at end of curtain--magnet is attracted to corner bead and keeps drafts down, helps keep sunlight out so you can sleep, and keeps "unwanted eyes" from looking. There is even a brand of long sleeved dress shirt, that uses these magnets. Put on the shirt, and all the front buttons (these magnets sewn into lining) attract to a like magnet in other lining, and the shirt appears buttoned.