Magnetic Parts Tray From Recycled Speakers.




In this instructable I will show you how make a magnetic parts tray feom recycled old broken speakers

Step 1: Recycled Speaker Magnetic Parts Tray

Step 2: Materials

Materials needed:

1 speaker with large unshielded woofer

1 metallic bowl

1 exacto knife or utility blade

1 screw driver

rope or string (optional)

Step 3: Remove the Speaker Cone From the Enclosure

To remove the speaker from the box it may be as easy as unscrewing 4 screws. However you may find there are no screws accessible from the exterior. In this case simply use a screw driver to pry the sides apart or just smash it, safely of course. Once inside unscrew the speaker from the enclosure.

Step 4: Remove Speaker Cone and Spider (optional)

You want to use an unshielded speaker. Look for the exposed magnet. If it has a metal shield it won't work as well if at all for this project.

Once you have the speaker removed from the enclosure cut and remove both the speaker cone and spider as seen in the above drawing. You don't have to do this, I do because it allows me to hang it from pegboard hooks, as well as giving access to the pole piece.

Step 5: Attach Parts Bowl to the Back of the Magnet

Find a metallic dish, I happened to use a metal gold panning bowl that I had laying around. You can use plastic but you will need to secure it with glue to the speaker.

Flip the speaker upside down and place the dish on top.

With a large enough magnet even heavy tools stick like glue

Step 6: Alternative Uses

You may also use the speaker as a shop floor magnate. Simply remove the parts tray, tie some rope, string, or fishing wire to it and drag across your floor to collect all those dropped screws, tools, etc.

Step 7:



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    I like the way you think, this is a great project. I like the gold panning dish.


    4 years ago

    this is a great idea I have lots of old speakers lying round that I don't use and now I can put them to use because we all hate it when we lose that one screw that is so small once you drop it its gone

    1 reply