Magnetix Pyramid (Spins Endlessly...almost)



Want to know how to make a small pyramid with Magnetix that can spin almost endlessly? Then keep reading on to find out how.


-5 Magnetix Ball Bearings -7 Magnetix Connector Bars

Step 2: Assembling

1) Get One Ball Bearing and 3 Magnetix Connector Pieces 2) Get 3 Ball Bearings and place them on the end of the 3 Magnetix connector pieces that are already connected to the ball bearing 3) Now get 3 Magnetix connector pieces and connect the 3 Ball Bearings 4) Now with the 1 remaining Magnetix connector piece and the 1 remaining ball bearing, connect the ball bearing to one of the ends of the Magnetix connector piece. 5) Now put the ball bearing connected to the solitary connector piece on one of the ball bearings of the pyramid. 6) Now spin around and watch it go! For more fun, hang it from something metal!



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