Magnifying Glass From Helping Hands

Introduction: Magnifying Glass From Helping Hands

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A friend came over to give my friends and I facials one day and she needed a magnifying glass for it. Being a hobby maker person, I had a set of helping hands with a magnifying lens, but that is not practical for face cleansing...

So why not mod it and make a handheld magnifying glass?

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Step 1: Simple Process - Take Apart and Build Up

It is really a simple build, but it felt great to be ingenious enough to figure out how to make one in around 10 minutes.


Remove the magnifying lens from the Helping hands.

Drill hole wide enough to hold the lens at one of the ends of the dowel.

Drill a second hole on the side of the dowel. It needs to be high up enough for the screw to be able to tighten on the lens holder, but not so far up that it cracks the dowel.

Assemble it all together, and tighten to screw!


Magnifying lens from helping hands

A scrap wooden dowel

A screw


A drill and bits

A screw driver

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