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Introduction: Magnifying Glass Using Recycled Bottles

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Using recycled bottles, some glue, and some water, we can create a magnifying glass! It's super simple and easy so let's begin!

Step 1: Cut Discs From Your Bottles

Gather some recycled plastic bottles; make sure they are clear. Then, around the neck of the bottle, cut discs from the round parts, until you have 2, relatively similar in size.

Step 2: Glue the Discs Together

Take your 2 plastic discs, and hot glue all around both of them so that they look like a large skittle or M&M. Leave a hole to fill it with water. Make sure to glue thoroughly because if there are holes the water will leak through. Make sure there is no glue in the middle of the disks!

Step 3: Fill It With Water

Fill a container with water, and lower the giant "skittle", face down so that the hole you left is towards the top, then gently squeeze and release to let water fill it. Once you've filled it with water, glue the remaining part closed.

Step 4: Magnify!

Now you can use it to magnify anything you want!

One thing that went wrong when I was doing this was that an air bubble formed inside the magnifier and the part with the air bubble didn't magnify as there was no water there. Next time I'll try to fill it all the way, so there's no chance for air bubbles. Another thing I would do differently next time would be to not use the part of the cup with designs on it because it's hard to see through.

Thanks for checking this project out!



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    This would make a great kids craft or science class project :)

    1 reply

    Good idea! Let's be careful with the hot glue though :)