Magnifying Glass Necklace Clip

Introduction: Magnifying Glass Necklace Clip

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Sometimes, you have that little bit of fine print you just can't read. With this Instructable, you will know how to create a small clip to hold a necklace, bracelet, or anything similar that doubles as a magnifying glass.

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Step 1: Picking Our Magnifying Glass

Of course, to shape a magnifying glass, we need a magnifying glass. I bought one of those credit card magnifying glass things from the eyeglass section of the local convenience store (It was about 5$.). I took that guy apart and got myself the magnifying glass and some other stuff I didn't care about (at least, not with this project).

Step 2: Picking a Shape

In order for it to work as a clip, the magnifying glass will need to be cut so that the necklace string can be slid on and off, but not so that it can fall off. I chose to add a hook/lip thing on the sketch of mine (Which was the same size as my glass, as I traced it out earlier), and I transferred that sketch onto the magnifying glass itself via tape. 

Step 3: Cutting Out That Shape

Okay, so now it is time to cut out the shape we have prepared. Thanks to the template being taped directly to the magnifying glass, this is very easy to do with a Dreme motor tool- but you could still use a coping saw, something similar, or add 2 separate pieces to the outside rather than cutting.

Step 4: Usage

Now it should be all smooth and cut out. But how do we use it? You can use it as a bracelet or  a necklace clip with the goal of holding the two ends together. You could use a pre-existing bracelet and replace an existing clip, or you could modify the strings of an existing necklace with some simple knots...

Step 5: ...Those Knots Are Very Simple...

..and the knot we will need first will be the slipknot. After tying the slipknot, slide the large loop over the clip and tighten it so that it takes a bit of a pull to get off, but that you can still take off after you have put it on! When you have found this "golden spot", tie a new knot to keep the slipknot from slipping.

Step 6: Another Method

There is another method you can try, if you would prefer something more artistic. After you have tied a loop with a knot such as the bowline, pull the base of the knot through its own loop to create a new loop. this loop goes over the clip, and when you pull it, you get a more visually appealing knot.

Step 7: TaDa!

So that is it! Now you can check out your fine print and do it in style.If you don't consider a piece of plastic hanging from your neck to be stylish, keep it as a clip in the back and have a different pendant (That's what I do!). I hope this instructable was helpful to you, and please let me know your questions and comments. As always, have a nice day!

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