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Introduction: Magpul (V2.5)

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    you know, i've been working with horizontal mags lately (i've been trying to lol... not much success thus far) for a lever action i'm trying to make, and i was curious if you gave some thought to the possibility of making a longer mag, longer than a grey rod can reach. i want to make a lever action rifle, which is probably gonna have a high RoF, so it would be crucial to have a longer magazine than 3 shots. the thing is, i can't see a way to make an internal pusher for a horizontal mag. the mag has to be tubular, and therefor i doubt it would be possible to create a slit in it big enough for a band to pass but still small enough so that the bullets wouldn't fall out. with a longer mag, having a very very long rod sticking out the front isn't an option, and it probably wouldn't be able to handle the band tension and it would snap. so back to my original question: do you have any ideas? on a side note, are you planning on posting this?

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    yeah no duh... let me just go to my spring deposit and see what spring fits best. besides, even if i do buy a spring, i don't think other people will, and i do plan on posting the gun once i finish it. the community does deserve a lever action. also, it's high time someone made an actual horizontal mag (i mean a mag that doesn't depend on rods for pushers and therefor can be virtually unlimited, like modern vertical mags). a spring isn't a solution, but an easy way out. besides, i think i've already found a solution. it works in theory, i just need to actually finish building it and see if it can handle the pressure. anyway, thanks for trying to help.

    probably a bit late to the party here... but check out the one I made as a starting block, I got it to actually work a majority of the time but just had a problem with range because of how the bolt has to be made... I'm sure if you had a smaller wheel like thing instead of a bolt it would work much better for range but I don't have much time to test it

    maybe it's because of the renovations in the site and it's being down for a few days, making it not function as it i meant to, probably including email notifications.

    Hmmm interesting concept this mag could possibly be made to have a horizontal mag, I do plan on posting it , it would of been posted yesterday but my camera scrambled the order of the pictures. On this gun the mag could easily be extended. What bullet do you want the lever action gun to fire? Because if it's shorter that a blue rod than the barrel could be modified to fix a different bullet I think it could be done. Do you plan on using my horizontal mag as a guideline , which I have no problem with. Although I would like some credit.

    no, i'm planning on using blue rods, about 9(ish) of them, and i think i've found a way. i was messing around with my knex yesterday and i think i've found something very helpful. i still need to see if it works with my idea for the gun, but i think it should and if not, i think it's modable. anyway, thanks for the help, but i think i may have found a solution after all. just to answer your question, no, i'm using a completely different setup than your's because of the way i want mine to work. thanks again for the help.

    Ok I will try after I finish the current gun I'm working on. I guess I searched the wrong thing.