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Introduction: Magpul M4 CQB

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Hello there this is my Magpul M4 CQB it has some nice features on it like a retractable stock, a mag release, a force grip, a rear flip sight, and overall the gun so i hope you guys will like this and stay truned what i will build next



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    3 years ago you told u's you would post... still nothing. Will you post it? I love it But i cant build =(

    still nice
    im going to make it in a few minutes and then im going to add my (just freshly made) underbarrel chainsaw and i might replace the stock with either a m16 one of a folding one :)


    hey bro, nice gun, if ya have the time, try to rebuild it and post it if ya wanna,
    cuz i really like this pretty lady

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    I did rebuild it, now its better than it was before but its gonna be post at the end of the year cause I'm really busy this year

    ik it is but ill try to make time for it so it might come out early then end of the year

    i just got a great idea for my next build its gonna double barrel AR-15 after i post my M4A1 Assault Rifle with Attachments (Build)

    sorry i wont b cause i have a gun in mind that i really want to make so bad and plus its like half gone now