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Three years ago, Red Book of Westmarch posted a Magpul PDR. At first glance, it doesn't appear to be Red's greatest work, and the range his says it gets is lame. But really, how good is this gun? Is it worth a build? Does it really just shoot 20-30 feet? I hope to establish the answers to these questions, and more in the following review. Please comment below even if you hate the review and want to tell me that, as I want to know what people really think.

Step 1: MY REVIEW (The Important Stuff)

Reliability: This gun is stupid reliable. I don't mean that the gun is stupid, I mean that a complete idiot would have to rack his brain to figure out how to mess this up. While KILLERK's pistol may be slightly mor user friendly, this is about as good as it gets. To do a quick test, I fired 100 yellow rods through it. Not a single problem! Then, just to test how easily it could be operated in the dark, I fired 20 rounds with my eyes closed. Easy. No issues, but I wasn't able to fire as fast s with my eyes open. Suffice it to say, this weapon will not let you down.

Range: Red said that it got around 20-30 feet. But that was with one band. I put on two size 117's and got 50 feet with yellow and blue rods. So while this won't win many outdoor wars, indoors there should be no problems with range.

Trigger: The trigger is very simple and reliable. It worked fine for me, anyway.

Pin Pull: This is fine. There is better and there is MUCH worse.

Looks: This gun is a real beauty. It looks quite a bit like what Red modeled it after. It is a tad short, but ok. Also, it has a fake, removable magazine that is pretty fun to mess with. I really love the front grip's looks.

Comfort: The handle is comfy, however, for someone with bigger hands then me, it would be way to cramped to be pleasant. The front grip is ok, there is a white rod sticking out, but hey, that is what little black wheels are for, right? Pretty simple fix. Or you could just cut the rod, which is the less pleasant option. The stock's length works well for me, but remember, that all depends on the length of your arms.

Strength: Rock solid. Nothing falling apart here. To tell the truth, it is slightly flexible, but I have never found a knex gun that isn't. It is quite a bit better then other guns, and I can twist it quite bit before anything pops out of place. In normal use, this is more then good enough, and when I dropped it from shoulder height onto my floor, maybe five different pieces popped out of place. All the pieces stayed attached to the gun, and the pieces that popped were not needed to keep the gun shooting.

Sights: These are able to fold down and are very good. however, after a while I got tired of them and switched them out for new sights of the aperture variety. I simply changed the front sight a little, moved the rear sight back and added a blue spacer between the grey cons. I did not come up with the blue spacer idea, I think it may have been BM that did it first, please correct me if I am wrong. There are pictures of the new sights at the end of the pictures.

Bullet Lock: I really wasn't a big fan of Red's lock, as the rubber band hindered the loading of the round. This was an simple fix of removing a band and adding a green rod. The rod looks like it could fall out, but it only has once in a few hundred rounds. There are pictures of the mod around where the new sight pics are.

ROF: Alright, so the gun has horrible rate of fire. Deal with it. For a single shot, it is actually ok, but compared to the ZKAR, which can get one hundred RPM, (With two bands, enough to shoot a yellow 70 feet, I would really recommend you build it if you have not done so already) this, well, isn't so good. It pumps out 19 plastic bullets in one minute.

Cut Parts: If you build it just like Red did, it will cost you about 16 cut rods. This really isn't great. However, if you are willing to mod the gun some, and leave out a couple parts, you can get away with only two or three cut parts, (They are the ones in the trigger mech) not bad for one of Red's guns.

Step 2: Conclusion: (The Less Important Stuff)

Red's PDR is not a war weapon really. It is not meant to be. It looks good, shoots well, and is reliable. But a single shot should have more power then this, unless it is supposed to be a small backup weapon, like my MKP. However, despite the fact it wouldn't make the best war weapon, it is one of the best knex guns if you want to shoot at stuff in the house, show off, or, dare I say it, strike mild fear into you friends. All in all, this is everything a replica should be, and more besides. I officially declare it Corgi Approved!

So build it right now, for you wouldn't want my dog's teeth marks on your ankle, would you?



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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    *creeping at just the right time* Agreed, I wanted to see an improved PDR for a while now. Would you be able to find the time soon?

    Tsk tsk, Red. You're a better builder than that. And I already told you my original intentions of adding a slingshot mechanism. I've an idea for it. I'm sure you could also figure it out with some work. You're experienced enough of a builder. Alternatively, another idea you could try out would be an internal pin, which would actually lead well with a realistic charging handle. I'd be willing to collaborate the best I can to help with a mechanism.

    I know bro, but its hard, really really hard. At least I think it is, possibly too hard for me... I have been thinking of that idea for over a year now and I just can't see my way around it. Perhaps if you and I (and possibly BM) did a collab over it, then maybe we could figure something out, but I don't know bro. Consistency is not a huge part of my life now, and K'NEX Collabs need consistency...

    Well that's the fun of the hobby, not building what you know you can make but seeing what new things you can do, what challenges you can meet. My free time isn't exactly consistent either. =P I figure it'd just be a whenever we can get around to it sort of thing. I can provide you an example of the mechanism I'm thinking and you can refine it and make it work in a PDR body. Alternatively, you could begin work on just a shell and I'd try to fill it in.

    Now, would you rather do a slingshot or an internal pin? The slingshot would get better performance and have less risk of failure but also look less pretty. An internal pin would be trickier and wouldn't perform as well, but it'd look pretty and allow a charging handle, which would be cool. A


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Me? Ha ha, no. I can build decent looking guns, but I fail at replicas. Anyway, I won't have time for a few days, and then I have to post this critter.

    2015-05-05 10.02.41.jpg

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    My apologies, the last comment was directed more toward Red. =P Though do feel free to review his updated version if he makes one. If he doesn't, eventually I will. Eventually. Was planning on buying an airsoft PDR first to compare it with.

    More clean guns as always. Looking good.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    I wondered if it was. :)

    Airsoft PDR? That would be really fun, but for the price they go for, I would rather get a .22 rifle or or handgun or shotgun.

    Thank you. It started as a five layer blue rod shooter that broke about 8 of my Y clips, but I changed to to a yell rod shooter and it works better.