Magpul PDR (Video)

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Hey guys, this is the video for my Magpul PDR. I hope you enjoy it! Sorry for some of the weird editing issues and stuff, but I am new to the video editing program that I used.

The video on YouTube:




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    i would heartily suggest buying at least 2-3 more. the way i (and i believe almost everyone else) see it, the amount of black rods i have is the number of pin guns i can have simultaneously at any given time. for that reason, having only one black rod could be very annoying. once you see how much better and more capable black rods are than grey rods as pins, you'll have a hard time building guns with grey rod pins again. so like i said, i would advise buying some more.

    i originally had 1, but then i realized i needed more, especially since i ordered a lot more pieces at some point, so i got 10. lol


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    Lol, I have more than 100 black rods. I also have like 70 or 80 tan rods. Love your gun in the video. It looks nice. I also like how you made a handle with a thumb hole. I think it adds something personal. :)


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    6 should be enough, but if you wanted more you could always go on or the slightly more expensive or if you wanted to, search on eBay, but that's not as reliable... I would suggest

    100 black rods! How many could you possibly need? LOL, thanks bro, finally, people are starting to like my guns! I started out with two subscribers, but now I have 31! I have yet to gain subs from:
    Senior Waffleman
    and sharir1701

    Once I get those subs, I will be happy. But, with out those subs, it drives me to make better and better guns. :-)

    Lol, that's just how many I have. If you're going to be building firing pin guns, then will need black rods. Now I'm going to be searching for some clear rods. Did you know that the clear or translucent white rods are harder to find on Ebay than the black ones are? Whenever I'm on there buying k'nex I never see any.

    I also have a bunch of rare k'nex pieces like caramel colored connectors and metallic gold rods XD.I started out with 0 followers and ended up with 5 when I posted a topic.Go figure. I assure you that you'll get more followers as you go along. I've decided to change up my pin gun. I'm turning it into a rail gun now,just so you know. And the space bar just messed up on my keyboard. That was random.....