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I just read an instructable about a Mailbox phone alert which was very good, but required electronic skills I do not have. I made this one without any electric power and it works flawlessly.  Open the door and a metal flag drops down to let me know the mail carrier has delivered the mail.  I can see the mailbox from my front door so when the flag drops down it is clearly visible.   No electrical parts, just powered by gravity.  I welded the parts onto the mailbox, but one could be made by bolting everything on.  

A pin on the flag arm goes into a hole in the door.  I welded on a washer for the flag arm pin to go into when the door is closed.   I could have bolted on a metal tab with a hole in it.  The flag arm is heavier on the end with the flag, so it drops down when the door opens.

The wire on the bottom is to dampen the sound when the arm falls down so it does not startle the mailman.  It is easily reset with one hand when I am in my car. 

Click on the picture below to watch video.



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    I like this but .....

    could you produce plans for a swinging mailbox ?

    The one on the net for sale seems to be a metal round post with a cap sleeve with a top cut at a slope? Then bigger sleeve with a metal fits loosely over and with a hit swings up the slope and falls back down?

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    Sorry Kathleen, but I did find this swinging mailbox online:

    Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution. Great job!

    Thank you for idea! My mailbox alert is more simple!

    I like how it looks without a new paint job. I would be concerned that the mailman might take an interest and reset it for you not realizing it's purpose of informing you your mail has arrived.

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    THANKS. Realizing it's purpose is pretty simple, even with the substitute mailmen.

    Nothing better than analog technology, im 27 and truly respect your efforts, paint not needed!

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    I like it. There are mailboxes with different variations of this already on them but this is cheaper than a new mailbox. I would suggest, if you haven't already done so in the past, is put a small white flag on the bottom portion of the small metal tip. So when the mail has run, you can see the white flag pointing up and flapping in the wind.

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    On most mailboxes, there is a flag that raises to indicate there is outgoing mail in the box. I didn't want to confuse mine with that, so I made it drop the flag below the box. I made it all metal so I did not have to replace a cloth flag periodically.