Mains Powered Led's




Introduction: Mains Powered Led's

Hi guys in this instructables i gonna show you how to connect leds to direct main supply (230v ) and few project using it. Hope you ill enjoy it.

Each step ill show you different project and all those project contains one common lets call it converter circuit.
Converter circuit consist of:-

  • 1n4007 diode -4 nos
  • 100 ohms 0.5 watts resistor -2 nos
  • 470 ohms .25 watts resistor -1 no
  • 10 uf 160 v electrolytic capacitor - 1 no
  • 1uf/105j 400v polyester capacitor -1 no
  • Super bright led - 24 nos
note: always keep in mind that your are playing with high volt which can kill you, double check the connection before powering.

Step 1: Automatic Led Star

This was my one of the greatest discovery in ma childhood.The trick lies behind serial light\Christmas light chaser box. Here the only chaser for christmas star will cost about 15$ with just one flashing mode (running type).
So i tried to connecting 4 incandescent bulb (40w,i even connected 100w) to that box replacing those serial lights.Woot!! it worked with more than 8 modes ,under 2$ still im using it NP (16+ years).That was a hit on 90s among with my friends and family.
In this project i used same principle for chaser part ,and instead of incandescent bulb i used 24 leds(for 1 star) and made star on ceiling sheet ,like so i made 4 individual stars in one sheet and connected to that box with those converter circuit.

Parts needed:-

  1. Plastic ceiling sheet -1
  2. Leds -96 nos (24 led for 1 star )
  3. converter circuit(4)
  4. One serial set chaser box


Arrange 24 leds in star shape and solder them in series like so make rest 3 stars ,Then make 4 converter circuit and connect them to each 4 stars ,then connect all one end of converter ckt together and connect it to the common pin of chaser box,and connect balance 4 wires of converter ckt to 4i/p pins in chaser box in order.

Step 2: Led Room Lamp

Parts needed:-

  1. 24 nos of super bright leds.
  2. one cd
  3. converter circuit
  4. base to fix the cd (you can use the bottom part of damaged cfl bulb)


  • Make holes in cd to fix all 24 leds and fix the leds
  • solder them in series
  • connect the converter circuit to leds
  • fix the unit on kind of base.

when i powered the lamp i got surprised , brightness of lamp was equivalent to 20w cfl bulb,with less electricity and the reflection of light from cd was awesome.

Step 3: Led Star

On last Christmas i made lots of stars like this ,just under 2$ per one star and it looks cool too..


  1. Plastic sheet (cut them in star shape)
  2. 48leds
  3. 3-automatic led sticks running type (optional)
  4. converter circuit (for 48 leds)
  5. converter circuit (for led stick)

procedure :-

As usual connect all leds in series (here i used 48 leds )the connect it to converter circuit (there is an modification converter circuit,check the circuit )

If you want to add those led sticks do them as on pic and all 3 together to another converter circuit (check the 2nd circuit for led stick)

Step 4: CFL Led Hack

If you got any damaged cfl and you wanna hack it then make this .. gives light equivalent to 5w ordinary cfl .and easy to make

You need :

  1. Damaged cfl bulb
  2. Few leds
  3. power supply board (either you can use our converter circuit with lm 7805 regulate ic Or use 5v power supply board from your mobile phone charger ,...)

Here i just connected those 5 leds in parallel and connected to an 5v power supply board in series with an resistor(i had an unused nokia charger so i taken out the power supply board from it ,and it fitted perfectly )

Add rechargeable batteries in it and make your own portable lamp.

Step 5: Other Stuffs/ Video's

I'm sorry i couldn't explained well in this instructables coz im lazy to type , also i haven't thought of posting it here while making those projects so there are less photos .There where more other projects i have done with

leds and with these circuits but i dont have the photos to share with you.

There are lots of possibilities with these circuits and with leds so don't waste your free times just fire up your brains and make something creative , Cheers!!!

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    16 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Wiring it like that, it's going to be deadly.


    Great projects, but please stay away from 5mm LEDs or you'll learn the hard way. They're just toys and don;t last over a year.

    The chinese 1W leds are hardly 5~10 rupees these days and they are the REAL leds. Check out my projects with High power LEDs.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks bro, and you are mistaken these are not ordinary 5mm leds ,they are high bright leds with high capabilities ,
    1 led cost me around 1.25 rs and the normal one will be around .25 paisa

    Zen Innovations
    Zen Innovations

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    My Friend, I know these LEDs inside out. These LEDs are at best quad die 08m Straw hats. Even at 50mA (vs advertised 100mA) these will fade and suffer very soon. The Problem with all these plastic encased LEDs is that it trap heat inside, and there is no way to attatch the heatsink. As the enviornment in India gets too hot frequently, Heatsinked LEDs are the only way to gain life. The prices have dropped till 4 rs for a 150mA LED these days. Slap them onto aluminium road and you're good to go!

    Some of my LED instructables-

    Zen Innovations
    Zen Innovations

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    yes these.

    Often sold as 1W LEDs, they're good upto half a watt (150mA)

    You have quite some talent man ;), I'm gonna watch ya out for more of ya ibles.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Omg!! thank you so much for your comment sir ,fell like im blessed
    actually i had created this instructables for your contest.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I will and Thanks for the support!!