Maintaining Healthy Relationship

Introduction: Maintaining Healthy Relationship

Ensuring that your relationship is healthy and strong might be harder than many people realize. Following few simple steps might make a groundbreaking change in how your love life looks like.

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Step 1: Communicate

Communicate with your partner in honest matter. Being open and straightforward will help you build a relationship that will be strong and immune to problems. Having a conversation without TV or other distractions once a day with your partner will make huge difference.

Step 2: Keeping It Interesting

Being in long-term relationship can be challenging. Keeping it interesting is one of the difficult parts. Talk to your partner about his day, remember important details from it. Make sure to ask follow up questions every few days so your partner knows, you are really interested.

Step 3: Respect Each Other

Respect goes long way when building healthy relationship. A lot of relationships are abusive without partners realizing it. Being nice and respectful to your partner goes long way. Avoiding abusive words, anger outburst and drawing visible line, which should be never crossed will help increase chances of relationship surviving.

Step 4: Spend Time Apart

While being together is important, time apart is also crucial part of healthy relationship. Giving yourself a bit of space to reset - spend time with friends, go for a walk or visiting family - can make you miss your partner and it will help you keep the romance at its highest.

Step 5: Appreciate

One thing that we keep missing in relationship is appreciation. We are getting used to nice things that our partners do for us and quickly forget to say, "thank you" or show that you are happy. Words and gestures go long way in showing your closed one that you don't consider those nice things mandatory and that you are thankful.

Step 6: Choose Your Battles

There are arguments in relationships, but not all need to be won. Sometimes it is good to just let go. If you argue about something that is not of high importance to you, simply pass on fighting. No point in to dragging your partner and yourself in to argument over a thing that is of low importance.

Step 7: Improve Sex Life

Life in the bedroom connects directly to how good is your relationship. Romance must strive between you and your partner in order to maintain important part of everyone life. Learning about ways of spicing up your life with classics like Kamasutra will help you build sensual experiences.

Step 8: Don't Compare

It's easy to compare bad things to others. However comparing is difficult as we often tend to ignore the bad stuff as well. Comparing with others can be dangerous game and should be avoided in most cases. Relationships can look for inspiration in their friends and family, but this should be just for reference, copying can go wrong as there will be a lot of things that are hidden from public view.

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    3 years ago

    She got her phone taken and I was upset that we couldn't talk, it's been a while now, but the time apart section makes it seem like a good thing. It motivated me