Majestic Upcycled Christmas Wreath




Introduction: Majestic Upcycled Christmas Wreath

  • The three R's.

The three R's stand for reduce , reuse and recycle. Reduce means to reduce the amount of resources you use on a daily basis, reuse means to use something as much as possible before replacing it and recycle means to convert waste into something reusable. An example of reduce, would be reducing the amount of water you normally waste in your household. To use a water bottle more than once instead of replacing it would be an example of reusing or donating old materials to be used again. Finally to make new metal cans out of old ones would be an example of recycling.

  • Upcycle

A new trend recently arose , ''upcycling'' means to reuse discarded objects or material to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original.

  • Difference between upcycling and recycling

Recycling means to turn waste into a reusable product or to restore a product for reuse. Upcycling, is a form of recycling, which involves turning waste material or an unwanted product into a better-quality product.

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Step 1: Supplies

What you will need

(To create this awesome unique wreath you will not have to spend any cash, these are items that are laying around in you house)

  • An old book (preferably longer than 100 pages)
  • A marker or any writing utensils
  • A piece of cardboard cut into the shape of a circle
  • Glue
  • Hot glue gun & glue for it
  • Old ornaments
  • A lid from a can
  • and plenty of patience
  • The book used for this was an old paperback copy that was extremely damaged. ($0.00)
  • The marker was laying around in my house, no money spent here either. ($0.00)
  • Piece of cardboard was randomly found in my garage. ($0.00)
  • The glue sticks were some school supplies also laying around ($0.00)
  • Hot Glue gun and glue was left over from a previous craft. ($0.00)
  • These old ornaments are no longer used in our Christmas tree. ($0.00)
  • A lid from a can was recycled. ($0.00)

My total cost for this project was ZERO DOLLARS ! I spent no money what so ever. The only supplies that would be considered trash would be the damaged paperback book, the cardboard and the can lid, these however where put together to make something of a greater value.

Step 2: Getting Your Cardboard

The first step is finding a piece of cardboard you can use. I found mine randomly in my garage already cut out in the shape of a circle. It measured a little bit bigger than 2 hand length, the diameter is 16 inches.However, you can always find a random box and cut it into the shape of a circle.

I suggest finding a sturdy piece of cardboard that will handle the weight of the papers and ornaments and will not bend under the weight.

Step 3: Getting the Papers Ready

First, you start ripping pages out. You will need around 90-120 pages or more , depending on how big your circle is.

Secondly, you will need to start rolling the pages into a cone shape. Starting from the top of the page you will roll down and apply glue to the width of your page. For the best results, apply a more significant amount of glue to the corner of you paper.

Continue to roll papers until you feel like you have enough. Some will come out with different heights, that's okay. You will need to roll a minimum of 80, or more you will know the exact number when you begin gluing them.

Step 4: Drawing Circles

Now you will need to draw two circles , one larger than the other. These will serve as a guide when you begin gluing.

Step 5: Gluing the Cones Down!

Using the circles you previously drew as a guide, start gluing down your cones with the hot glue gun.

When you finish your first round proceed to the second round . Once you finish with the second round you will have a small circle area in the middle, you can stop here or like i did, glue another round of cones.

Step 6: Ornaments

First you want to break off the top part that is use to hang an ornament. After that, using your hot glue gun apply glue to the area where you just broke off. Start gluing the ornaments to the center of the wreath in any order/pattern you wish.

Step 7: The Final Step

Lastly, using your hot glue gun apply glue to the cap of the can, leaving the area with the hole untouched. This will be used to hang your wreath.

Step 8: YOU'RE DONE!

Congratulations, you have successfully completed your Christmas wreath !

You go Glenn Coco ! Pat yourself on the back seriously, rolling those papers takes forever. I'M SO PROUD OF YOU.

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    5 years ago

    Thank you for this wonderful instruction! Your guide was much clearer than any others for this I had read - I made it last weekend as a gift for my aunt . Thanks so much!

    14 6:18 am.jpg14 6:18 am.jpg

    5 years ago on Introduction

    This looks great! So many different ways you can go with the book pages (antique the edges, rubber stamp leaves or ferns)...not to mention the best use for a Stephenie Meyer


    5 years ago on Introduction

    You may wish to correct your spelling. It is a wreath, not reef. Reefs are found in the ocean and are made of coral, the biggest one being the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.