Majora's Mask Paper Mache

Introduction: Majora's Mask Paper Mache

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Welcome to workshop! I created this jewel of a project in mind for Halloween because I can't pass up free candy. If you've read my profile you know that my projects are timely fro those active people. Gotta stop talking about myself.

For this project you need:

(list is in order according to steps)

Two days at the least (I made mine in 4 afternoons)

Access to a printer 

This simple pekapura file:



Construction paper

1 cup of flour

1 cup of water

A teaspoon of salt

Loads of newspaper (ask your neighbors for some!)

Masking tape (preferably white)

Acrylic Paint (picking your own colors is best)

Hot glue

Rustoleum CLEAR GLOSS spray sealant


An electric fan to dry the paper mache faster

A copy of Twilight Princess (wii version) to pass the drying periods.

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Step 1: Assembling the Base!

Warning: This step requires scissors so be careful kids! Also, I may add this step requires using the internet so be cyber safe!

Enter the URL listed in materials where you will find the page that contains the pekapura file. Print the mask papercraft out and cut
out every individual piece. Once cut, glue your pieces onto construction paper where you will cut them out. The construction paper is
what gives the paper mache base strength. Now we can begin the grueling process of assembling the papercraft. If you know what the mask looks like, this will be easy. Let's move on!

Step 2: Paper Mache Time!

Watch Out! This next step is VERY messy! I recommend covering your work space with cardboard so yo don't anger your parents!

Mix equal parts flour and water. Grab a whisk and stir it up adding a few dashes of salt in the mix. (The salt prevents mold growth during drying and smell is arguably pleasant.) Once mixed cut tons of 1 inch by 7-8 inch strips of newspaper. Lightly dip a strip into the mix and apply to your mask. Make sure that you coat your strips, because if it's too wet, nothing will dry and it will feel wet forever. I recommend 4-6 heavy coats of paper mache. 


Place a portable fan directly in front of your paper mache. This will help it dry faster.

Place a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess in your Wii and start playing to pass the time. (I got to the fire dungeon.)

C'mon lets keep it coming!

Step 3: Mask It Up! (Paint Prepping)

This step is very easy:

Cover the entire front (including horns) in white masking tape. White masking tape doesn't show through your paint.


Poke eye-holes where your eyes should be. I recommend putting on your mask  and marking where you would naturally look at if the mask weren't there. 

Step 4: Paint!

Okay, so I can't show you how to paint this mask but i recommend printing a Majora's Mask reference picture. I advise you to do multiple coats when painting a color just so it stands out.

I Challenge You To Paint Better Than Me!!!!! (I am not an artist. My drawing skill are appalling.)

Step 5:

Caution: Have adults help with the hot glue. That stuff gave me a dime sized 2nd degree burn. 

Glue your mask horns too the mask using a majoras mask reference picture.

Step 6: Seal the Mask's Power Forever!

If you want to go the extra mile and make your Mask immortal, try this.

WARNING: This step requires spray paint material and should not be handled by young people! Follow all directions on the bottle! I am not responsible for neuron-damage caused by inhalation. USE CAUTION!

Sorry for screaming. Find Rustoleum CLEAR GLOSS spray! I was almost cheated by my local hardware store into buying colored spray paint. Anyway spray down the mask in 2-3 light coast of gloss. Let air dry and ventilate because this stuff still smells/emits fumes after use. (but not for long)\

Step 7: Acknowledgements and Shoutouts!

I'd like to thank for paper mache tips. Definetly a site worth spending hours on.

Another thank you to for the idea and the steps i based mine off of, thanks Kanti for being an awesome person.

A shoutout to one of my favorite Minecraft servers: LOZcraft Check out their planet minecraft page and their forums. Tell 'em Milk sent ya!

Shout out to Joann fabrics! My oh my you guys have a ton of awesome stuff.

See you guys and gals next time! DFTBA!

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    5 years ago on Step 2

    How long does it take to dry approximately? I don't know much about Twilight Princess, so I have no idea how long it takes to make it to the fire temple...


    5 years ago on Step 7

    I love it <3 I can't wait to make it for my Halloween costume next year!


    Reply 6 years ago

    Thanks! I might either make a Cartesian Diver project or a Link Hat. Stay tuned!