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Have old comic books or other cool stuff that used the red and blue 3D stereoscopic technique, but lost the glasses? Here's a quick, cheap, easy way to make a pair!

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    sorry I made one but the colors should be cyan and red i don't think blue cause i tried it with blue but it didn't worked with a game so i orderd a pair on ebay

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    That depends on the desired result for your eyes and the 3D image source?

    Check out Wikipedia entry

    scheme↓ left eye↓ right eye↓ color rendering↓ description↓
    red-green pure red pure green monochrome
    the predecessor of red-cyan; ghosting on computer screens as the green filter lets too much red through. Used for printed materials, e.g. books and comics.

    red-blue pure red pure blue monochrome
    no ghosting on screens as there is no overlap between the colors the filters let through. Often used for printed materials.

    red-cyan pure red pure cyan (green+blue) color (poor reds, good greens)
    patent-free, limited color perception, currently the most common in use; images available in full version (red channel has only red color) and half version (red channel is a red-tinted grayscale image, yields worse colors but less retinal rivalry)

    anachrome dark red cyan (green+blue+some red) color (poor reds)
    a variant of red-cyan; left eye has dark red filter, right eye has a cyan filter leaking some red; better color perception, can show red hues better than red-cyan

    mirachrome dark red+lens cyan (green+blue+some red) color (poor reds)
    same as anachrome, with addition of a weak positive correction lens on the red channel to compensate for the chromatic aberration of eyes.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I just used old camera color filters .
    Or transparent gift wrap . The clear colored type that they use to wrap fruit baskets ;-) Both have a perfectly even color . The color wrap comes in rolls at florists . Pretty cheap ! And you could make a few hundred glass lens out of it ! Just need the frames to put the film onto .


    9 years ago on Introduction

    it wont work well with red and BLUE the blue is too dark. instead, cyan (light blue, electric blue  sorta color.)


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Some people print glasseswith an inkejt and cheap printable transperencies. I could only try with a laser color printer, but the result was bad. The laser's ink is particles which stick to the transperency making it dull and i was not able to look through at all. Maybee inkjet ink is different and evenly transparent, but as far as I read on some websites it only works so-so.
    There are a few shops and companies who will sell this or send you a pair of cardboard glasses for a self adressed envelope with stamps.

    I myself bought 50 glasses since we made a "wedding magazine" for friends that married. We used a graphic program and later some freeware/shareware to convert 2D images of their childhood etc. to 3D cyan/red anaglyph images.

    Bas-Relief Demo (demo version but will create anaglyphs without limits, only limited functions for other functions) is great.
    Basicly you draw a depth map.
    This is done easily in any graphic program.
    What I did is that I put the original image in a layer, and created a new layer.
    I started with the most close parts and just roughly drew over them with a brush tool. Then I would create another layer and draw over the parts a bit further away, draw, repeat, draw, repeat.
    After that I would change the layer transperency to 5-15% and blur the image a bit.
    Then BASS will generate the 3D image.
    Also a few other tools will create 3D anaglyphs, some even with depthmaps.
    I dont recall the names right now, but Annaglyph etc. are usefull tools.

    Also you can simply use any graphic application such as PS, PSP or Gimp.
    To make 3D you simply split the image color channels and join the red channel of the other image with another.

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    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! There's also a neat little program called Callypgian (I think that's correct) that lets you make ALL sorts of 3D analgrams, from variations of the colored ones to stereoscopic, etc. Very nice controls and stuff! And it's open-source FREE!!!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Hi babblin5, thanks for the tip about Callipygian (you were close with the spelling - only left out an i :)

    I found it at the "official" site here: 
    They also have some hints/tips/guides on 3-D pictures.

    Hope it's OK that I post the link here...


    9 years ago on Introduction

    thank you very much , as im doing fractal atr i discovered i can do them in 3D but dint know were to buy the glasses this is going to linit my seach way down i do know were to find these items , if you like doing 3d heres a program , it has a demo so u can try it first befor shelling out 140.00 for it .
    its called XenoDream2.2 an its very extencive program thats been out awhile now but does have the ability to do fractals in 3D


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Ty! I have 3D glasses but its those boring black ones... Now I can finnaly get the awesome red and blue ones :D Also, anyway u know how to do this with glass instead of plastic? Wont the maker smudge off?

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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

     I know that they make a special craft paint to give glass a "stained glass" look. It is translucent and designed to adhere to glass. I imagine you would find it at art/craft stores. I'm not sure offhand if it will allow for clear viewing, though...


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I want to be able to draw in 3d, so that you look at the picture with 3d glasses and it's like in the 3d movies or comics. how would you do that?

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    I am a graphic design student and im doing a 3d anaglyph image using these glasses for one of my projects. i found this very useful, does anyone have any more good tips or websites for making these anaglyph images? much appreciated!!

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    11 years ago on Introduction