Make a Backlay for Any Clock!

Introduction: Make a Backlay for Any Clock!

About: Im a 13 year old kid that likes to take stuff apart and repurpose things. and even build my own stuff too!

This is an idea I had when one day I wanted an easy way to remember the phone number for my favorite electronics company, Tri-State Electrical supply

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Step 1: Get a Clock

This is fairly easy. I got this clock a while back as a thank you gift From Tri-State Electrical Supply

Step 2: Get a Screwdriver

Now you have to get a screwdriver and push in the tabs on your clock. If your clock has screws/and or tabs, then you will have to un- screw the screws also. Then remove the glass/plastic front. DO NOT TAKE OFF THE PHYSICAL CLOCK-PIECE! This will do nothing!

Step 3: Get Your Label-maker

Next you must get a Label-Maker. These are fairly cheap. They cost about $15-25 USD. YOU MUST HAVE CLEAR LABEL TAPE, AND A MIRRORING OPTION ON YOUR LABEL-MAKER! Or else this will not work. Then you have to make a reverse label, so that you can stick it to the INSIDE of the clock`s glass/plastic.

Step 4: Close Up Your Clock

Now you can close up your clock and remember whatever it is you put on the clock glass/plastic, and thank you Tri- State Electric for the wall clock.
Tri-State Electric is a great business, located in Northwest Indiana, that can get you your parts when you want, and where you want. With there 30,000 Sq foot warehouse, there bound to have the part you need. Old, new, From Appleton fittings to Westinghouse circuit breakers they do it all. check out their site at or check out their youtube at

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