Make a Found Objects Memory Mirror (and Clean Your Junk Drawer)




Introduction: Make a Found Objects Memory Mirror (and Clean Your Junk Drawer)

I have been collecting/accumulating little 'bits' for about fifty years--you know all the fiddly bits floating around the house. Those little toys you step on, the things that have been in your junk drawer for years, and all the little bits you find while digging in your garden or on walks. One day I decided to put them on display.

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Step 1: Materials:

Mirror: On the big mirror I used a plain pane, 12" x 14", on the smaller one I used a framed mirror I found in a thrift store.

E - 6000 Glue

The contents of your junk drawers and pockets.

Glass cleaner

Step 2: Layout

Gather all your items, start laying them out on your mirror. Play with them until you like your layout. Take a picture of your layout, remove all your items, and clean your mirror or frame.

Or just start with the big pieces, and fill in with the smaller ones.

Step 3: Glue It Down!

If you took a picture, refer back to it so you can glue it exactly like you want to. Glue it down according to the directions on the E - 6000 glue. To display, use a plate or book display, on my next one, I am going to experiment with soda can tabs for hangers.

Now you can start collecting more!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is so fun, it turns hair do time into an "eye spy" game! Great idea! :)