Make a Knife From a Pair of Scissors

Step 1: Materials

- scissors
- sharpie
- knife
- pliers
- 6ft of 550 paracord
- dremel (optional)
- lighter

Step 2: Dismantling the Scissors

If your scissors are broken you can skip this step:

I personally think this is the hardest step. Use a knife to pop of the cap. Then, pop out the metal piece holding them together. Now pull them apart

Step 3: Color

Use the sharpie to color

Step 4: Get Paracord

I used six feet of black paracord

Step 5: Wick It

Wick the paracord with a lighter

Step 6: Adding the Paracord!

Put end as shown in image

Step 7: Begin Wrapping

Just wrap around Handel until in the opening

Step 8: Adding the Cross-wrap

Weave the paracord in a figure a around the opening

Step 9: Adding the Loop

Go through the end and form a loop

Step 10: Finish the Loop

Tie a good knot

Step 11: Finish

Cut the excess paracord and wick it again

Step 12: Enjoy


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    8 Discussions

    Jacob Opstad

    11 months ago

    I've made a few knives using scissors. They seem to be really good. Two of them now have wooden handles (because the original plastic handle is what was broken) and on the third I'm thinking of leaving the plastic handle but inserting a couple of pieces of wood made to fit. It's a great way to up cycle a broken pair of scissors. I'm sure you could make a handle out of aluminum or something to balance it for throwing...


    5 years ago

    On you can get 10ft for 5$ 1000ft for 80$

    Or at lows you can get 50' for 10$

    1 reply

    5 years ago

    have you tested this knife in outdoor situations such as camping?


    5 years ago
    They have cheap cord.


    5 years ago

    nvr would have thought of that... scissors are so much cheaper than nifes. this is awesome. Anyone know a place where you can get a good amount of paracord for cheap?