Make a Lego Movie

Introduction: Make a Lego Movie

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It probably won't be a major motion picture but it could still be fun for your friends or YouTube fans to watch


Step 1: Download the App to Your Smart Phone

The app you need is lego movie

Pretty simple

Step 2: Start Small

Get the feel for it. Explore the possibilities with this app. Do a few test clips like a mini fig walking or bowing. Work your way up to adding sounds and music. Then when you're comfortable start making your own sounds and adding them in.

Once you know how to move a figure, try coordinating two figures at once, make them bow or walk past each other. Make them fight. Make one of them rip the other apart. All in all, it's what you want to do and can be very fun if you have the time and Legos to do it.

Step 3: Legos, Camera, Action!

The easiest way to hold your camera steady is to build a station to rest it in. My station sits on a small green platform so that way I can keep my phone as a "floating" camera (basically it will stay at the same position and level as the first frame) with two different perspective settings by flipping the camera to the other side. If I need my "actors" to stay in line I can use a long, flat piece to connect another platform and keep my camera adjacent to the action and keep the action from spinning around since all my green plats are warped from age.

Step 4: Setting the Stage

This requires planning. You're budget is all the bricks at your disposal. Can you build a city block? Or just an alley? Or neither?

A small trick for a small budget is hiding the small budget. Like the above pictures: perspective shows the small boat is actually floating on bricks whereas perspective shows the paddle going below the frame as to look like it's going into water.
Instead of an alley, just the corners of a building. See? Perspective! Also try to avoid background objects lol.

Step 5: Make. That. MOVIE!!!

Now it's time to actually make a movie. Decide the plot or conflict and start setting the actors to work!

I hope to see lots of movies made now that I've shared this. Comment if you need any other tips or have questions. Or want to share your movie.

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