Make a Mini Rc Hovercraft

Introduction: Make a Mini Rc Hovercraft

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Step 1: Get Your Materials

For this build, you will need a -broken rc plane (with the motor and reciever still functional) -cardboard (for the skirt) -scissors -tape -small box to mount plane on -working mini rc heli

Step 2: The Motor

Mount the plane electronics onto the cardboard skirt by taking the tape and wrapping it around the plane and skirt. (Make sure to cut a small hole in the skirt to charge/turn the plane on and off)

Step 3: Creating the Lift

To create lift, cut a hole in the skirt and attach the helicopter to it using tape. Make sure to cut a hole in the skirt to allow air through

Step 4: Steering

To steer this DIY fun machine, you can use the tail rotor of the helicopter. Th helicopter I am using doesn't have one, but you can just rotate a tail rotor (from a heli that does have one)

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