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Introduction: Make a Mirror Stand With Cardboard

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A useful stand for a small mirror can be made out of  cardboard and glue.  Ladies can use it for an additional make-up aid, and an easy to store and carry replacement for a more bulky stand alone mirror.  Men can use it in the shop, or for trimming the mustache, trimming nose hairs, picking zits, etc. I like it because it allows you to work with both hands without having to hold on to the mirror. 

Step 1: Find a Mirror Suitable for Your Project

Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, but I wanted to use a small one, and I had an extra mirror used in the car as a visor mirror.  But, a hand mirror as shown can be used as well.

Step 2: Make Stand From Cardboard

Cut a piece of cardboard 24in. by 6 in. wide.  The base of the stand is simply the last six inches of the piece of cardboard, folded so as to form an "L".

Step 3: Cut Small Piece of Material for Stand Support

This piece is 5.5 by 5.5, scored at two inches, and cut to an angle of 15 degrees.  See pictures and image notes for more detail.

Step 4: Glue Small Piece to Base of Stand

The small piece cut previously is glued to the base as shown.  This piece when scored and folded, allows the stand to remain in place on it's own, and hold the mirror at the correct position.

Step 5: Add Cardboard "Stop" As Shown

Here, just a couple of pieces of cardboard about 1 in. by 3 in. are glued in place to act as a "stop" for the stand support piece. To make the stand more permanent and not as portable, simply glue or make clips to hold everything together tightly.

Step 6: Make Optional Mirror Holders

To hold the hand held mirror in position, I cut out four pieces of cardboard, cut to fit by tracing around the mirror handle, then using a bandsaw to cut them out.  When glued to gether, and then in position, they make a holder for the mirror.

Step 7: Attach Mirror of Choice to Stand

Position mirror of choice on stand.  The visor mirror is simply clipped onto the top as shown, and the hand held mirror is held in place by the pieces we cut and glued on earlier.  Project complete!

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