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Introduction: Trick Mod

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Hi on this instructable I will show you how to make a mod.

Step 1: Go to Settings

Go to setting and make it so when you triple click home you can invert your colors.

Step 2: Minecraft

Go to minecraft triple click and invert colors. Trick your friends that you made a mod!



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    As far as I'm concerned its spam... I don't have instructables because I spend more than
    30 seconds on an Instructable with a misleading title. It just shows that 9 year old kids shouldn't have instructables accounts, you didn't even reference the fact that this was for PE, and I personally can code a REAL mod, so I find this a pointless waste if time as an Instructable. I will report it as spam now.

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    Hey! Read this!

    Hey! I do get your point about this not being a real mod. But man! Chill out! He's only 9 years old! You should have just taught him what a real mod is, instead of chewing him out for not knowing much about that type of thing. (And by the way, if a 9 year old is part of the Instructables website, that shows that he wants to learn and be creative!)

    If you actually are good at Minecraft modifications, why don't you be a nice gentleman and help this "9 year old" out with it, instead of hurting him? (And what happened to the "be nice" policy?!?)

    If you apologize to him, than I will consider following you again, but until then, I'm leaving you in the dust. (And you don't seem to have very many followers, do you? I think I know why.)



    You see, I was being sarcastic about 9 year old thing, but I respect your defence for him. But if he is 29 then he could instead of making an Instructable just to get likes he could spend some time and make an Instructable that is useful to the community!

    Okay, sorry about that, but you could have said that a little nicer. I'm going to start following you again, as long as you follow the be nice policy.

    Maybe, instead of removing his whole instructable, he should just change the name to "How to make a fake mod!", or something.


    4 years ago

    Yes it does


    4 years ago

    it makes diamonds red


    4 years ago

    Hey ElectricProjects don't say mean things about my good instructables when you don't even have any.

    Terrible spam... Change name... Actually delete whole thing!

    ? That wouldn't even be a mod. This looks like a 'ible wannabe.