Make a Perpetual Spinner!




Using a few simple items and a little science, create a perpetual spinner. Fun for kids!



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Does this work with CFL bulbs or LED?  I'm going 'Green', and don't use those wasteful incandescent bulbs anymore.  Actually, I just got tired of changing them kind of frequently.  Pretty cool, but should address a few safety issues, that might not make this such a nice kids toy.  Paper and a hot light bulb, can be a little unfortunate, and some adhesive on tape sort of melts/degrades with temperature.  True, most people use low wattage bulbs in table lamps, some people use whatever they have handy when they burn out.  And of course more heat, makes it spin faster, kids are smart, to a point...

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    you make some good points here, however the heat is a byproduct of incandescent bulbs, a proof of their inefficiency. CFLs might got hot, but i imagine less, and i don't think an LED has ever gotten considerably hot on me.

    You could always sit this on top of another source of heat, not necessarily a lamp. for instance, the hanging over the heater that sits along the wall, or over the coffee machine or something.

    and as for materials, maybe you could use plastic? you would need to stretch it into shape after cutting it since gravity wouldn't be enough, but it could be pretty cool, what with being translucent.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Easy, very funny and ingenious. Great toy for my granddaughter.