Make a Plastic Melter

Step 1: Get a Glue Gun

You will need this too make the melting part at the tip

Step 2: Screw Driver and Electrical Tape

You need these to take apart the glue gun and to do the body

Step 3: Get a Pair of Scissors

You will need to gut the tape off

Step 4: Optional) Get 3M Foil Tape

You will want this I the tip to do it so it does not burn itself

Step 5: Get 1 Foot Pvc Pipe

This is your main body

Step 6: Finish Up Things

Now put the cord through the pvc and then the metal part should be touching the pvc and then tape it and then tape the whole body. Tape the bottom where the cord exits and then tape 3 layers all the way around of electrical tape then 1 layer of foil tape and 1 layer of electrical tape and then plug in and try it out on plastic bags no mess just melts away. I prefer using the really hot ones cause they have more purpose than the lo-temp.



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    8 months ago

    what do you use this for? You mention melting plastic bags, for what purpose?


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Have you thought of using an inexpensive soldering iron? They can be found really cheap and they will get much hotter.