Make a Portable Disc Sander/table Saw From an Angle Grinder




Introduction: Make a Portable Disc Sander/table Saw From an Angle Grinder

This instructable will demonstrate how to make a disc sander or table saw from an angle grinder. I a disc sander is shown for safety, but you can make a table saw by simply swapping out the wheel on the grinder. Make sure that the blade is going toward the wood.

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Parts (In HKD/USD Respectively)-
Angle Grinder- $250/30
Angle Grinder Flap Sander- $18/2
Angle Grinder Saw Blade (for wood)*- $40/5
Wood (You can use a ready made box from any strong material, I didn't have one so I made one.)- $120/15
Screws, Liquid Nails- $30/4

Caulking Gun
Wood to prop up and balance box (if your making one)

*DO NOT USE A CIRCULAR SAW BLADE! It may fit but it is VERY dangerous. If you are thinking about using one, just google accidents from that. Your decision WILL change immediately!

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Step 1: Acquire the Timber and Make the Box

You'll need a base for this project, and that will be a box. I couldn't find any strong ones, so I picked up some wood and made one with screws and liquid nails. But you can use a plastic, metal, or wood box. I also attached a vacuum hose for an extractor later. You can do this by drilling a couple holes for zip ties (cable ties) and attaching a vacuum extension house toward it, and make sure that the wheel on the grinder is going toward the vacuum, or the extractor will be useless.

I made the box hollow, and I didn't attach one end. I will later upgrade this by attaching a hinged piece of wood to the open end and a latch lock.

Remember to charge your batteries! Literally!

Step 2: Check If the Angle Grinder Fits

Make sure that the angle grinder's guard is not up when you attach the grinder, and make sure that the guard sits flush to the box. I had to attach a extra piece of wood to make it flush. Just use some liquid nails and/or screws, and drill some holes for zip ties and pipe brackets.

Step 3: Attach the Angle Grinder

Now it is time to attach the angle grinder. I Found a position that looked good, then I attached a pipe bracket, and doubled up some zip ties and tightened them.

Step 4: Your Finished!

Now you can sand and cut! Please vote for me in the contests that I entered! Thanks for looking!

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