Make a Quick Ear Cuff Earring




About: I love doctor who, futurama , and sci-fi shows and books (HP,hunger games,Enders game,Percy Jackson etc.) and most of all I love making stuff related to my fandoms.

Step 1: Get Materials

-one earring
-a jewelry chain

Step 2: Get the Chain on the Earring

Take your earring and take the back off of it, and put the end of the jewelry chain on the front of the earring part that will go into your ear.

Step 3: Make the Cuff

Take the end of the earring and put it in. Then take the other end of your chain that is NOT attached to your earring and take it around your ear and clip it onto part of the chain that goes around your ear. You can loop it around your ear as many times as you want I did 3 times because my chain was long. After that wa-lah you have a cheap easy ear cuff!



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    4 years ago

    At the end when you say wah-lah, I think you mean viola...

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