Make a Shrinky Dink Dog Tag




Intro: Make a Shrinky Dink Dog Tag

Step 1: Gather Materiels

Shrinky dink (available at any craft store) Carving utensil for accuracy Oven Oven mitts Hole punch Thin para chord Flame

Step 2: Shape the Tag As You See Fit

Sometimes it helps to trace around a current tag or even a silver dollar--- get creative

Step 3: Inscribe Tag Info in Center

Name, dogs name, #, email, address... What have you--- just make sure to leave room for the hole in which the para cord will connect it to your collar

Step 4: Hole Punch Near Top of ID and Slip Para Cord Through the Hole

The para cord should be thin enough to fit through the hole with a little extra slack-- when you feel it is at the desired length grab a lighter and burn both ends of the cord together

Step 5: Slip It on the Dogs Collar

And be wowed by how quick and easy it was to ID your dog all on your own!



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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago

    At your local art supply


    5 years ago

    Wait, shrinky dinks are still available. All these years I thought they went extinct. You just made my day!