Make a Sweet Paper Airplne

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in this instructables I will teach you how to turn a ordinary peice of printer paper into an super fast paper glider!
you will need one sheet of printer paper

Step 1: 1st Step

take an ordinary sheet of printer paper and fold in half landscape (AKA: hot dog) style

Step 2: Second Step

Select whichever side that you want to be the front. then fold one side of the paper down and line it up with the first fold

Step 3: Third Step

Then fold up so it lines of with the previous fold.

Step 4: Fourth Step

then fold all of the folds on that side down so it lines up with the first landscape fold. (step 1)

Step 5: Fith Step

finally fold the whole side down and line it up as much as you can without folding the other folds inside.

Step 6: Flying the Plane

to fly you have to hold it as any other plane and the harder you throw the faster and farther the paper airplane will go.

Note:i am building this paper airplane only one side at a time so you can see and understand the process better. i suggest that you do both sides at once. you will be able to line the folds up with the other side when you do.

Step 7: Conclusion

congratulations you have now built the fastest paper airplane i have ever seen and hopefully the fastest you will see!!

heres a video of me throwing it

all thanks to my computer teacher for posting this video cuz i cant.



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