Make: a Tesla "check" Valve Mod. Out of Foam Clay!

Introduction: Make: a Tesla "check" Valve Mod. Out of Foam Clay!

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Hi everybody,
another piece I recently tried to build myself by playing around with Tesla Valve

Tesla Valve are kind of mechanical diode. Some people talk about the diodicity of the Tesla Valve.

One interesting feature about this system: you can impose air flow in one direction.

In fact a Tesla valve is very comparable to a diode in that a diode allows current flowing in one direction and is retrained in the other one.

So I am always curious to see what one can do with this feature! And this how I came with the idea that one can use a Tesla Valve modification so that you can use it as a real mechanical check valve.


Think about two Tesla valves set in series with a T junction between both.

This is my Tesla "check" valve mod! Enjoy playing with it ;)

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Step 1: Inventory and First Building Stage

Prepare two flat sheets of comparable dimension from modelling clay type fimo air light or hobby time -or any other brand you know-

One sheet must be 2mm thick and the other much thinner. Both sheets: Lxl about 12x4 cm.

For that purpose use spacers of the right dimensions.

Roll the baking role over the clay mass and press those to the right thickness.

you can cut the form off

Let those dry in air or in the microwave (Follow the instructions given with the clay, some clays cannot be microwaved! risk of explosions or flames, don t be stupid but smart instead ;))


Use a wet towel on one side of the thicker one and paint this surface with a clay of another colour which has been mixed with water prior to this stage.

Let the system dry further as previously described.

Step 2: Carving the Tesla Check Valve Design and Assemble the Set Up Together

-Print the tesla check valve design on a sulfurized baking paper. (you need to cut a A4 out of the baking paper)

Check first that your design once printed will suit the size of the prepared modelling clay sheets

-Wet the surface of the prepared thicker sheet with the aid of a wet cosmetic towel.

-press firmly the sulfurised paper on the wetted sheet so that you can transfer the drawing on the clay.

-Use a rotary tool with a drill bit -diameter 1 mm- make a mark with a permanent marker at 1 mm from the end of the bit. (it will help to maintain how deep you will mill into the modelling clay)

first carve slightly the surface according to the drawing and then redo the operation 1 mm deep in the dried clay mass.

You must obtain something similar to the picture presented here.

-Wet the surface of both sheets.

-Paint the surface of the thinner sheets with clay mixed with water prior to this stage.

Keep it as thin as possible. You does not want that some clays flows into the structure you just carved!

This will act as an adhesion layer.

-Press both sides against each other firmly (place under weights between books for instance)

-Let this set up dry.

- then you can add a connector --> the T junction.

Congratulation you just made it! a great Tesla "check" Valve Mod!

Actually two separated tesla valves can do the job, as TRIZ methodolgy is suggesting but is not necessary! The aim is having one single object.

Step 3: How the Tesla Check Valve Mod Must Work

The idea is the flow is forced to follow a given pathway.

The fluid enters the set up in the first tesla valve but cannot enter through the outlet.

The fluid is then expelled through the outlet but cannot escape through the inlet.

This is explained because fluid flow is facilitated in one pathway and restrained in the other one.

So the flow is "imposed"!

As shown on the right part of the picture.

Like diode that restrains the current flow in one direction and is facilitated in the other direction. A model drawing of diode and check valve is depicted on the center part of the picture.

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