Make a Toothpick Gun!




Introduction: Make a Toothpick Gun!

Hi,Everybody! Today I will show you how to make a toothpick gun! You can choose your own ammunition but here I use Some balls from my broken abacus. And the good news is, THIS IS ABSolutely A Inventory goods used project. This gun's range is like 5 feet. So, Get ready to fear some birds!
P.S- I submitted this project to Halloween prop contest. So if you like this project, Please vote this. And a moral- Remember, If you a competitor in any contest, Never fear to vote any good project in that contest. Be a sportsman. Never feel bad if you can not win prize. You can make a Grand prize in next contest! No more morals, Let's Roll!

Step 1: Materials

A little piece of cardboard (optional)
Hard wire (I use the thick enamel coated wires)
Spring (Easy enough to push)
Scotch Tape
Ammunition: I use that balls of abacus.

Step 2: Making...

First, cut one thin side of each toothpicks. Then, Wire one cut Side to another. Then install the spring By putting inside any of that toothpick. After that,Push the spring hard so some of the spring will get into the wired section And put the toothpick's back into a piece of cardboard. Then tape it. You can also get a colored tape so it will look professional Your gun is ready! So start firing today!

Step 3: Finished Pictures!



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