Make a Website for Free

Do You Want To Make A Custom WordPress, Or Host Your Own Website
Well Now You Can For FREE !
I created a website For my Minecraft Server using only free software and hosting

Step 1: Hosting Sign Up

The first thing we have to do is sign up for free hosting.
Use This Link -
This Link is To The sign-up Page For Host 1 Free Hosting
They offer A Great Plan For Nothing !
Features are below and on the Link
(10gb is a huge amount of webspace, most web pages are 150mb MAX)

Registering is pretty self-explanatory, click order now and add your details.
!!!WARNING If you want to use a custom domain skip to the next STEP WARNING!!!
Once you are finished registering, you should receive a email with your details in it.

Step 2: Custom Domain

If you Would like a custom Domain for your website
register with one of the below sites:
And make sure you set the name servers to:

Step 3: Done !

You Have Successfully registered for free hosting !
Use the Script installer to install wordpress etc or make your own website with kompozer



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