Make a IPod Portable Stand




Hello Everyone Today im going to show you how to make a iPod Portable Stand.
Any iPod Will Work Not Just my iPod's Except iPod Shuffle!

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Step 1: What You Need

Things You Need:
A Clip (Large)
iPod (Again Any Kind)
2 Rubber Bands
The Little White Mini iPod Holder (Comes With iPod When Bought)

Step 2: Holder and Clip

First Clip The Clip Onto The Holder Like So.

Step 3: Rubber Bands

Take The Rubber Bands And Rap Them Around The Edges Of The Clip like so.

Step 4: Set IPod in and Done!

Put your iPod in and your done! Have Fun if you have anything you want me to make email me at And in the subject type instructables and if you tell me your name i will give you 99.9% Credit (I get 1% credit because I posted it) So Please email me!

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    Another idea... PORTABLE.- "Single Decker" just using a MiniDV Cassette case, fits as a glove (I'm using a Classic, but touchs, even iPhones, fits great. DESK.- "Double Decker", in this case, I did the base with two cassette's cases, fixed with tape, and just a little cut in one base to insert the plug... I hope this can be useful.