Make All Appliances Smart and Controllable by App and RF Remote

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Smart home products are many, but almost none of them have RF remote. An RF remote can control your appliances within a distance (indoors), no App will be required. I am talking about ITead's latest smart home products:Sonoff and Slampher, which is being crowdfunded in IndieGoGo. These two devices can make your appliances and lights controllable by an App and RF remote.

There are 3 ways to turn on or turn off Sonoff: by the App, by RF remote, by wall switch. And there are 4 ways to turn on or turn off Slampher: by short press SET button, by the App, by RF remote and by wall switch.

Functions of the App:

1. Remote turn on/off

2. Check appliances status

3. Set timing schedules (max 8 each device)

4. Onekey sharing device

Sonoff is WiFi Wireless Switch, which can connect with any appliances. While Slampher is WiFi Wireless Light Holder, which can connect with lightbulbs with E27 screw. Maximum electric rating of Sonoff is 2500W, and the voltage range is 90V-260V. Therefore, you are able to connect with all kinds of home appliances.

While many people care much about the App eWeLink. The server of them is Amazon AWS global server. You can access to your server instantly, no more delay now. This App is now available in Google Play and App Store. View Sonoff and Slampher in the indiegogo page.



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