Make America "Crate" Again




Introduction: Make America "Crate" Again

I found about 20 minutes in the shop. I wanted to throw together a couple rough crates to use for home decor. Or storage.
After showing them off I've decided to make a few more.
Maybe start a local political career.
I'm going to run on the principle of creating stuff.
Or crating stuff?
Grating stuff?

Step 1: Hobby Lobby Style

We saw this setup at a friends house and thought why not. This random size seems to work best if you don't measure.

Just find some scrap, cut using some hammer laying around for size reference. And throw together a little crate for movie stuff.

Step 2: Materials

Find alittle bit of wood. I had a piece of cherrywood about 7x14". And some scrap yellow pine that is a ripped edge from a 2x8. You will need about ten feet of rip.

Step 3: Tools

Chop saw
Table saw
Brad nailer
Side cutters(dikes)

Step 4: Prep Work for Sides

I did this in a rush. The best way to cut time,is to shoot from the hip.

1. Cut the ends of the cherrywood square.
2. Rip it to a desired width. In half-ish
3. Stack on the chop saw. Find your happy spot and cut

Step 5: Prep the Pine

NO measuring here either. I liked the distance to the end of my chop saw. So tads. Cut about all you got. 15-20 ish.

Step 6: Nailed It

I used a pneumatic air nailer.
18 gauge by 1 1/2".

They went thru the cherrywood fine. Any misfits can be cut with dikes and filed and sanded flat.

I hope you find this helpful



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    I like the way you named the title, It's pretty punny ;)

    1 reply

    Wow! I just noticed-- That was my 2000th Instructables Comment!

    Awesome pun!

    Cool project - awesome title - does it come with a hat?

    I like your "just go for it style". They look great!